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The absent presence (2021)

The absent presence is a live, experimental, networked cyber-interaction between six performance artists ‘via the lens’ to create a site for contemplation that exists outside of geographic boundaries, while raising critical questions of identity, space, interaction and the access of information. In view of the current climes it also investigates the notion of ‘live-performativity’ and how it is being generated and experienced continually by anyone with access to a ‘lens’ and furthermore, whether this virtual/networked space could be established as a critical, collaborative arena. Arpita Akhanda is collaborating with the following artists spread across India and the world . 

Collaborating artists :Claire Nichols, UK; Bhisaji Gadekar, India; Sumedha Bhattacharyya, India;Imaad Majeed, Sri Lanka;Delphine Mei, Taiwan

Untitled (2020)

6'20 sec

Concept, Choreography and Performance : Sumedha

Live Editing. Remote Live editing and camera switching : Rana Ghose, Reproduce artists

Sound design and edit, Live Musical Score  :

Project Producer : Gia Singh Arora


This screendance piece is an excerpt from a 30 mins long live performance based on the mythological confrontation of a female dancer with the camera as the New God. This happened live including edit and sound on the digital platform with Reproduce Artists and Rana Ghose, geographically in two cities in India during the pandemic and lockdown in India . I negotiated the idea of space and spectatorship using the notion of observer and the observed Panopticon, the, and confronted a new reality where the five temperamental Indian male God proxies ( Brahma, Vishnu , Mahesh,
Krishna and Ram). As a choreographer of the piece, I wanted this performance to be controlled by an editor and a sound designers, however at the same time I wanted the viewer to feel intimate, vulnerable and discomforted from the fact of being looked at.

Jam Upload download Upload Jam
Jam Upload Download Upload Jam (2020)

6' mins
Choreography Sumedha Bhattacharyya

Sound Design :

A one take solo screen dance work based on hysterical realism where the dancer is
herself holding the camera, subverting the gaze of the viewer. Who sees who?
The sound design was in using  custom electronics , modular synth and the  expressive
facial choreography of Navarasa or the Nine emotional states in Indian dance and
drama treatise : love (shringaara), laughter (haasya), kind-heartedness or compassion
(karuna), anger (roudra), courage (veera), fear (bhayaanaka), disgust (bheebhatsya),
wonder or surprise (adbhutha) and peace or tranquility (shaantha).

New: Projects
Animal Kingdom Project
Animal Kingdom  Project (2020)

a community dance film 

A global, participatory, and inclusive project The Animal Kingdom Project , initiated by the multimedia dance platform Numeridanse TV and the Akram Khan Company

 Recent works

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 2.17.19 AM.

Online live performance
with Reproduce Artists and

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Choreographic collaboration with new media artists Yuguang (YG) Zhang and Tong Wu 

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Duet with Camera

an evolving Research creation lab 

Towards a methodology of activating dialogues, initiating conversations, collaborations in-between dance and camera

Instigator : Sumedha 


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