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Performance: Text

An ‘in-between space’ of the seen and the unseen, the unknown and the unknown,the classically trained docile body and the new God, THE CAMERA.
Photography by @jakibangla
Music : Anusheh Anadil
Narration and Script : Amajit Basu Paribartak Theatre , Howrah
Light design : Raez Mahmud, Farhad
Choreography , sound design : Sumedha bhattacharyya

Coalesce is re-imagination of Kadambari through my first experiment with Kathak and Contemporary Limon technique and Performance Poetry.
Where Kadambari herself looks upon her suicide note which was once destroyed. What was her state of mind, during that moment of facing death, before death?
What could she have written?
Choreography : Sumedha B.
Poetry : Sourabh Harihar
Technical support & Light Design : Andrew Sanger

Performance: Projects
Performance: Pro Gallery
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