Walking around in a helmet 

A durational performance 

To be able to go out , away from the proscenium, conversing about the everyday-ness of kathak, facing the God , while performing the movements, drinking tea, walking , buying vegetables to cook at home, like any 'mundane' gestures a classical dancer does, weaving her personal mythologies together in the city of Pune , where helmet rule is overruled , like many desires of classical dancers.  

Photo-documentation: Lasse Mouritzen and Marko Cesarec

Venue : Pune , Initiated at TIFA Working studios

A curatorial initiative by Lasse Mouritzen ( Denmark), and Kaur Chimuk India 

Supported by Danish Cultural Institute

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Personal Mythologies |
Sumedha (India) and Hediyeh (Iran/Norway)

Experiential choreographic response to the structured forms of Indian classical and Iranian national dance.

It is a video-dialogue between Sumedha Bhattacharyya and Hediya  In 'our' structured forms of Indian classical and Iranian national dance, we are sharing an experiential choreographic response over the time of the residency real and virtual time in Pune. We explore the everyday-ness in 'morning', our micro-narratives,in the socio-cultural context of Oslo and Pune.Together, we attempt to find an in-between space for our binaries such as beauty, musicality, narratives, storytelling, performance, time and space.



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